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Corleys Named AS FCM's Girls Ministry Coordinators

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In 2007 Pat and Michelle Corley traveled to Honduras with a team from their church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  It would turn out to be the first of many as God would move strongly in their hearts to become involved more and more in FCM's ministry in Honduras.  In 2008 the FCM Board of Directors appointed Pat and Michelle as Associate Missionaries.  This allowed the Corleys to become more involved and spend much more time in Honduras.

This time proved invaluable as God began moving in their hearts to rescue the girls they began encountering on the streets of Tegucigalpa.  This was clearly the work of the Holy Spirit as Michelle had to overcome the triggers of abuse that she suffered at the hands of her own father from the age of four until she escaped by running away at the age of seventeen.  For years, being around young girls could trigger horrible flashbacks for Michelle. To her amazement as she began to interact with these precious little girls on the streets of Honduras the flashbacks ceased and she realized she had an overwhelming desire to rescue these girls from the same abuse that she suffered without anyone coming to her rescue.

The Corleys have now accepted this role which includes the responsibility of traveling, speaking and presenting this new aspect of ministry in order to raise the funds that will be needed to operate a shelter for girls.

Budget projections forcast a budget of $7,500 plus per month for the shelter which is equipped to house 14 girls with 11 girls currently residing there. We ask for your earnest prayers and financial support for this new and exciting ministry to the precious and vulnerable girls on the streets and in the detention centers in Honduras. Pat and Michelle have completed language studies in Costa Rica in 2012, and are now serving as full time Missionaries in Honduras with FCM.   

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