The Street Children

  • Street Children - live and sleep on the streets - no contact with parent/guardian
  • Market Children - sent to the streets daily - have some kind of parent/guardian

 altOn Your left is Ingrid… a Market girl... living with a grandmother (we believe).  
       When I first met Ingrid she was begging at the doorstep of our in-country
           missionaries Lori and Richie Womack. Everyday she and her two
              brothers would come and ask for food, and everyday Lori would give
                them a bowl of rice and beans, water to drink and a tortilla… many
                  times this was the food for the day.  

                 Ingrid’s two brothers Jose and Noel are now living at Grace Farm,
              thriving in school... and learning about Jesus! Ingrid was a girl of the
           streets, begging all day long. You would find her outside our Noah’s Arc
      Shelter most days when she knew a team is in country.  Ingrid is now
       safely part of FCM Girls and living in the home with the other girls! 
                    Praise God! Click here for photos and details.)
To the right of the picture, meet Kendi Sari and Majorie…10 and 9.  I have had the privilege of meeting their five brothers, and mother Sonia.  Daily, these two precious girls are left on the streets to beg for money... often selling little bags of peanuts that cost just 2 limpira (20 cents) a bag. When I treat them to food at the local café, Kendi rarely eats, choosing instead to take the food home to her family.

Both girls have had a bit of school, probably amounting to a first grade education.  Every day teams are in town they come to the shelter... sometimes they’re there by 7:00 a.m.  - and many times waiting thorough the rain in the afternoon, (sometimes until after dark) to have a short visit with the team members.  These girls live in an area we have never been to which is located 30 minutes away from our shelter.  The area is gang infested and is too dangerous for gringos (Americans).

My biggest fear is that they will not live to receive the opportunity that FCM Girls could offer to them!

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