April 10, 2011


FCM girls welcome Nancy Jackeline Serrano Lopez .

Still a little shy, Nancy is fitting right in and at the age of 12, although small in stature, she is one of our oldest gals. Nancy has 2 brothers that have joined our FCM family as well. Nancy came to us, because,  as she says, there was no food for our family. Poverty hurts, poverty causes neglect and abandonment. I look forward to the day when poverty will be no more. No more suffering, no more sadness, no more neglect and abuse. Like you, I know that time will be when our Savior Jesus returns to claim those who
love and serve Him alone as God. Then, the suffering will end. Until then, our work continues.

Saturday April 2, we touched down in Tegus. How excited we were to immediately make our way to Grace Home for girls, surrounded with hugs and kisses, we realized, we’re home! How happy our hearts were to see how each girl is growing, not just in stature, but in love and smiles. To hear Ingrid say, no-you love me? I love you more…blew me away!

Each one showed us her skills in jump-rope and basketball. There was some scripture reading from Isabele and Estefany, a parade of sorts as Nancy showed us where she now lives in the “older” girl’s room with Julie, Leibi and Ingrid, giggles and hugs, lots and lots of hugs.

Day 2- was filled with visiting all the children of FCM and the delivery of blankets, toys, clothing and shoes, lots and lots of shoes. As our day came to a close we are once again assured, that God is doing a work, a very GOOD work through Forgotten Children Ministries.

Day 3-Hair styles, never to young, never to old …all 8 girls lined up for a “salon” day as we curled, straightened and even gave Nancy her first “FCM salon” haircut. There was lipstick to be put on and headbands too as we all lined up for our Glamour shot photo.

Day 4-and it’s time to say good-bye till May. My heart is always heavy as we leave all the children of FCM but especially for these precious little gals that God has given us such an incredible passion for.

Please join us in continued prayer and support for these girls of Forgotten Children Ministries. Pray for a staff lead by our Honduran administrator Sondra, Marie and 4 other loving women. For our director Luis and all of the staff that continues day after day caring for the children that others neglected and abused.

The economy is causing all our hearts to surrender to the calm assurance that God will provide for our needs. We understand only He can cause a heart to be stirred to sacrifice financially to care for others so far away. Yet, each time I share His ministry in Honduras, I am reminded-I serve a Great Magnificent
Faithful Father-and He alone is GOD.

Until the next time-Dios le bendiga!  

Ingrid, who we like to refer to as our first girl in the shelter, received the first award for most improved gal of the shelter on Monday April 4th at a small ceremony at Grace home for girls.  When I think of Ingrid spending her days begging on the streets...wow...HOW FAR she has come...GLORY BE TO GOD!


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