June 6, 2011


The summer season of teams has begun and our girls have been blessed beyond our hopes! Birmingham team led by Steve and Karen McPheeters brought joyful encounters and many provisions. Our hearts are humbled as we witnessed the gifts bestowed on our girls by this team. The guys went to work building 3 more sets of bunk beds which will provide the immediate need of a bed for Nataly, our youngest and newest FCM girl! She and sister Isayana have been sharing! And now when finances allow, we can fill our shelter with 5 more girls which will put us at capacity at our existing facility.

The team also provided the girls with pink, purple and red trunks for their clothing. Let me tell ya, they were soooo proud to be able to show me their clothes folded neatly in the newly acquired trunks. Lastly, but NOT LEAST, the overwhelming answer to needed school supplies. A cheerleading team of gals, steered by Ashlyn Lovell, donated backpacks full of the much needed school supplies! What an outpouring of love to these girls! Thanks team McPheeters!!

Next up was Montgomery team led by Preston Gothard. What a blessing this team was with afternoons spent with our girls studying God’s word concerning the gift of His Son, His gift of Salvation and our Gift of Worship to Him. The gals listened intently and at least one publicly asked to receive Jesus into her heart.

As the girls learned of the anointing power of the Holy Spirit, lives and spirits lifted and the joy of the Lord was felt as we lifted our voices in praise to Him!

Village Baptist, our home church, also blessed our team beyond our hopes. Providing 24 pairs of jeans, 35 shirts, a collection of dresses, undergarments and PJ’s, all to the joy of the girls! To see a child who comes to us only with the clothes she wears, 4 months later, showing me a trunk filling up with clothing, it is joy unspeakable! What a blessing I have as I share these items with the girls and explain that God is providing shelter, clothing, food and education. It teaches them that God reaches out tangibly to each one of them. Thanks HOME team!

Even more this last visit, I was able to share letters, toys, all kinds of gifts offered by women of Destin, Florida and new sponsors of our girls. Thanks for sending these important gifts of love to our gals. As you look at the pictures I have added, I hope you recognize some of your items and are blessed to know they are loved and appreciated!


They liked to be called Sherry, Isayana and Nataly. 3 sisters-each one so different from the others! Sherry is 11 and is quiet and observant. As the team time begins the girls are learning to be around lots and lots of “gringo’s” and Sherry watches intently. She begins to sing as she is slowly learning the words to the songs and I catch her eye to be blessed with a beautiful smile. She is a treasure. Isayana is 8 and although when asked, yes, her name is Solange-but she wants to be called Isayana (her second name) she is much smaller than you would imagine an 8 year old to be. She is strong willed with a spirit of playfulness, a bit of a tease and I love her madly! Nataly is everything you would expect a 5year old to be. Silly, shy, stubborn and loves to be held! She gets sleepy faster than the rest and has a hard time concentrating during bible stories, but, teach her a new song or word…she’ll remember it quicker than you’d expect. This one is a smarty!!


I’ve only been back in the USA for 2 days, hardly 48 hours, and my heart is heavy. I long to be back with the all the children of FCM. You have blessed us with your prayers and your finances and we are thankful. Please make it a prayer of your heart to come and visit our gals (and boys too!) Join a team now, your fellowship is desperately needed by our staff and children. Remember, God was all about personal relationships…we are too! We want you to share a relationship with our girls, demonstrating the love and witness of true, appropriate love. Be a sponsor, but not just financially, spend a moment to send a note or a picture and if possible come down and visit your gal! She needs to know you!!! What a demonstration of God’s love and faithfulness you can be by loving a little gal all the way down in Honduras!

I love you all and count it a true privilege to serve you and most of all my Almighty Father God thru the ministry of FCM. Pat and I head back on July 9th! I’m already counting down the days!

Hasta luego,

Dios le bendiga,


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