December 2011 (With VIDEOS!)


Thanksgiving is past and Christmas draws near. The kids have completed the year of school and graduation is upon many of them. Congratulations go out to Leiby, our first gal to graduate 6th grade. Dec. 7th, the first of two Christmas teams arrives. Obviously, these are exciting days in the life of our FCM children. While our girls are on their break from school, their time will be spent reviewing school studies and learning some new skills. The staff intends to begin teaching sewing, jewelry making and crochet. 

I had the privilege of spending the first part of November with our gals. The ladies the revival team from Kosiusko, Mississippi encouraged our girls in bible story dramas and games reviewing truths learned. Once again I am amazed how God’s word is being imprinted on their hearts. Thanks team for your hard work and the love you shared. The girls continue to share more and more of their pasts with our teams and I thank-you for your words of encouragement and affirmation in their lives. 

Before leaving Honduras and after explaining to the gals that I would not be back until February (Pat and I head to Costa Rica on Dec. 29th to begin our Language studies, please keep us in your prayers) I asked the girls to share a brief video greeting to you all. Please go to the gallery and listen as our gals and our administrator Sondra and Maria share Christmas greetings, I know you will be blessed. 

Thanks again for loving our girls and please keep them and our staff in your prayers as we head into this holiday season. Thanks to so many of you who have given so much to provide such a memorable Christmas experience. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and our prayers for God’s blessings go out to each one of you. 

In His Name we rejoice and celebrate this Incredible Christmas Season! 


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