February 2012

Feb 9th I boarded Copa Airlines for a weekend break from Spanish studies here in Costa Rica. I’ve been missing our gals of FCM so much and I’m blessed to let you now they’re doing fabulous! I was able to spend 2 wonderful days with them, laughing, “chill-axin” and of course we had “haircut day.” At the end of each haircut I was able to share of moment with each girl one on one. With Jennifer Munoz as my faithful translator, I was able to remind the girls how much they are loved, that God has a plan for each of their lives and they in turn were able to share with me any prayer request they might have. Many shared concern for family members and some asked that I pray they would do well in school. Some asked for prayer that they would continue to learn how to be obedient and learn more about God. I continue to be amazed at how God is working in each one of their lives and how blessed we are to be part of His ministry.  

We are always grateful to you our sponsors. For your commitment of financial support and even more importantly, your prayers. I’m excited that so many of you will be spending time with the girls as you participate on team trips. For the current schedule of teams simply click on our link to the general website for FCM. 

New to our family at Grace Home is Nayeli. Many of you will recognize her from our food ministry days. She is adjusting so well to her new home. She has an infectious smile and quickly caught on to how “game boys” operate. She and Jennifer shared some fun moments of singing and giggling. Praise God for bringing her into our home at FCM. FYI- Josefina said she is the best dish washer she’s ever seen! 

Well, I’m back in Costa Rica, studying espanol and looking forward to my next visit in April. Enjoy the recent pictures and as always, we praise God for your love of the children. Hope to see you soon in Honduras!

Michelle Corley


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