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May 26, 2011

Well, our first team of the summer season is now with our girls and boys in Honduras.  This team from Birmingham, led by Steve McPheeters, has been such a blessing to the ministry and we’re so thankful for the love they have shown and are showing to our children. After meeting with Luis and Sondra (our Ministry director and girls administrator,) this past April, Pat and I immediately contacted Steve with some requests of urgent needs.  This team quickly responded with money for the purchase of lumber etc..needed for the building of 3 more sets of bunk beds for Grace Home.  They are even in the process of getting those beds built this week and that’s a good thing, cause we have 11 girls now!  With only 10 beds available you can see our desperation!  This team has also blessed our ministry with book packs filled with school supplies and trunks to place the kids clothing in!  Praise be to God for His faithfulness in opening hearts and “wallets” for the care of His children in Honduras. This all in addition to the bible studies, food ministry, soccer tournament etc... that they already had scheduled!

Our newest 3 gals are ages 5, 8 and 12.  Three precious sisters named Nataly, Isayana and Sherry.  Their pictures are now in our gallery and I’ll be updating with some personal info on all!

Pat and I will be traveling to Honduras on Saturday.  We’re bringing 4 crates loaded to the “max” with gifts, clothing and school supplies all recently donated from friends here in the Destin area and our fellowship 500 group at Village Baptist.  We are blessed to carry these desperately needed supplies to our girls and we’re so thankful to have so many that have once again opened their hearts to those in need.

May God be honored as we continue to be of service to Him thru this ministry.  Please stay “tuned” and pray as we spend time with the gals this next week.  I promise lots of new pictures and information!

Make sure you check out the Archives for other photos and updates!

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