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February 21, 2011

Greetings,   I’ve just returned from my week in Honduras and what a joy filled time it was! I want you to know that the girls are doing wonderfully.  They have started school along with our boys in the ministry at the new location on Grace Farm.  The “old farmhouse” is newly painted and the classrooms have so much more space with an added plus of the porch and eating area for their snack and “rec” times.  What a blessing it was to see Ingrid re-united with her brothers Noel and Jose (who live at grace farm and Noah’s Ark shelter) and watch them play together as brothers and sister should.  Well, on second thought, Ingrid seems to be the strongest of the 3 and when it comes to “wrestling”...let’s just say, no one will be messing with Ingrid!

We have 2 other gals with siblings in the ministry, Yulissa got the opportunity to say hello to her brother Delmer and Isabele got to hang out with her brother Nicolas who is also new to the ministry and living at Noah’s Ark Shelter.

Sondra, our girls administrator and Marie are doing an awesome job. Sondra has a firmly established presence of authority and yet the love of Christ is evident as she deals with each child.  Marie has a sense of discernment and compassion that breaks through her voice as she speaks of the backgrounds of each girl.  We are truly blessed to have these 2 extraordinary women heading up our girls program. Please keep them, our other staff members of both the girls and boys ministries and our Director Luis in your prayers.

The last day I spent with the girls was “haircut day”.  Bangs seemed the desire of nearly all the gals, along with Sondra’s request to keep all the girls in hair long enough to pull back out of their faces.  Everyone seemed pleased at the end of the day and I even managed a “new do” for Marie.

As I gave out hugs and kisses, we talked about the girls roles as princesses in the kingdom of God.  When they ask Jesus into their hearts, acknowledging Him as their Savior, they in fact are heirs to the throne of God.  We talked about the importance of keeping ourselves pure and holy and the only way of doing that is to keep a relationship with God as priority #1. I’m excited to return in April and see how our “princesses” are doing in the kingdom!

As always my heart is heavy as I leave these precious children, but I’m at peace with the confidence that ... He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it...Phil. 1:6  The ministry of FCM will always be His, I’m thankful to be a part of it and to share that partnership with you!       

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